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About Sue

I grew up at the beach and lived for a short time in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho where I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest; my husband grew up in Butte and we now live in Helena to be around family and the beauty of  Montana.  We travel to see our children every three months or so as they are the "apple of our eye" and we delight in spending time with each other as much as possible.  Our son is a wildland firefighter, our daughter is studying to be a marriage/family counselor, and our son-in-law is a Marine.  We love the outdoors and I love animals of all kinds; we have four dogs and mini goats and enjoy being on or around the river and lakes.  I'm passionate about home renovation and I'm always looking for ways to help people with either a decluttering session, repainting or just rearranging existing items in ways they might not have thought of to make their environment feel fresh and new again.  Working at Uncommon Ground is an absolute joy to be around fun, driven, intelligent and honest teammates.  Give us a call we would love to work with you!




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