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Hey there! I'm Janet Welsh- let's try to keep this interesting..... I was born and raised in Michigan- a small little farm town called Bad Axe. Both of my parents were veterinarians which means we had a lot of fun times watching surgeries in the clinic, going on farm calls and helping my dad deliver baby calves. A highlight of my childhood was riding around with him in his vet truck. 

Fast forward a few years; as a teenager I was very into design and color and was constantly repainting my bedroom; which led to a 10 year career of painting. I owned my own business here in the town of Helena- "Art & Faux". I helped with design, colors, faux painting and murals. You can see some of my murals around town- Lewis and Clark Brewery (the patio), I was a part of the mural downtown in the Amphitheater and did some work at the Sud's hut ( the giant rooster), as well as some window art and online classes for children during the recent quarantine. 

As much as I love that creative outlet- I have realized that my greater love is people and business. I'm far to social to paint a house alone every day! So in 2015, I went to school to get my Realtor's License and am so thankful I have! I love working with people! It is a great joy to help someone buy or sell a home, problem solve along the way, thinking of things to look out for or investigate that maybe they hadn't thought of while really knowing the quirks in this Helena area.

I hope to contribute to our beautiful little town of Helena by helping develop good trustworthy relationships, making a good name for realtors, encourage all to buy local and also contribute a little bit of art along the way. Montana really is one of the "last best places" out there and I'd like to do my part in helping it staying that way.

Thanks for finding me and I look forward to working with you!




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